My latest obsession: the interesting-print heels by none other than Carlos Santana.
I’m not a big fan of celeb clothing lines. There’s just something poser-ish about saying you’re wearing J-Lo pants or trying to smell like Britney Spears in a jar.
Regardless, these shoes are smooth… just like the ocean under the moon.
Oh yes I di-id just say that.

Seen at Macy’s






Note: Don’t the shoes above somehow resemble Santana in this picture? Like if a dude could be a heel somehow… something… whatever. Forget I even brought it up.  





Aqua leopard heels, $88. Two of the coolest color combos: aqua blue and leopard print. I like how the seeming clashing patterns actually work together beautifully.






Pink leopard, $88. A pinky version of the aqua heels.





Lilac Holo print, $110 – an edgy twist on old-school Mary Janes.

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